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Bruce Lee's Fighting Method : Basic Training (Volume 2)

by Bruce Lee, Mitoshi Uyehara 


This book is probably the most important book of this series. I am a martial artist who trains in the JKD philosophy. This is the book I look back to constantly, and I will always consider this the most important one in my martial arts library. The Basics are the MOST important aspect of your training. A great fighter must have a great foundation.

Don't buy this book expecting to become Bruce, to become great you must want to be great. What is covered in this book all of Bruce's student's teach. If you go to a Richard Bustillo, Tim Tacket, Chris Kent, or Dan Inosanto, chances are you'll be learning the stuff directly from this book.

The book covers basic exercises, stance, footwork, and ideas behind punching and kicking. DON'T expect this book to be the only "way". Don't expect this book to train you. It's only a book not a personal trainer. The exercises in the book are not "impossible" as one person commented. They are totally effective.

You should buy this book with an open mind. Don't just read this book, understand this book.





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