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Bruce Lee : Words from a Master

by Bruce Lee, John R. Little (Editor), Robert Wolff

Editorial review

For the first time, Bruce Lee's most significant conversations and rare international interviews have been captured and bound in one unique and fascinating volume, providing definitive insights into the life, thoughts, and opinions of the master.


I purchased the hardcover edition of "Bruce Lee: Words From A Master" several months ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. The fact that this book is the ONLY book in existence that is based upon actual and verifiable transcripts of Bruce Lee speaking about his life, art and philosophy make it the only unimpeachable source of information from Bruce Lee. 

I was at an airport the other day and spotted the new paperback edition of this book. I wasn't going to buy it, since I already had the hardcover edition, but I couldn't help myself! I like the paperback edition that much better as it is less awkward than the hardcover (particularly for such a comparatively small book). I think that this book will serve as the template or prototype of all future Bruce Lee books as it isn't a photo book -- it's a serious presentation of the thought and opinions of one of this century's greatest philosophers and martial artists, Bruce Lee, and is presented in a serious and engaging format. 

The book is chock full of valuable and practical information on life, combat, racism, yin-yang, dealing with challenges in life, and so on -- but all of it comes DIRECTLY from Bruce Lee himself. It's such a great and powerful little book that I will probably end up buying another copy for myself, along with additional copies for friends this Christmas. 

Thank you John Little and Contemporary Books for this masterpiece! I also bought John Little's "The Warrior Within" (perhaps the greatest Bruce Lee book ever written) and hope that Contemporary and Mr. Little will be bringing us more Bruce Lee philosophy books in the near future! It's the perfect tonic for our troubled times.





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