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Instructor Glove Instructor Glove

Gel inserts in the palm and fingers cushion blows to the hand while using as focus targets. Leather palm with breathable spandex back, wristwrap with hook/loop closure for wrist support. Fully covered thumb and 3/4 coverage on fingers.

Spandex Glove Spandex Glove

Spandex fabric back. Elastic front cuff. Terry-lined padded palm. Wide velcro wrist closure.

Gym Bag Gloves Gym Bag Gloves

Genuine leather glove with Everhide palm Full foam padding Padded palm grip Made for use with striking/speed bags

Diamond Glove Diamond Glove

Nu-spandex fabric back. Diamond pattern terry-lined padded palm. Double wide cuff with 2 inch Velcro closure.

Focus Glove Focus Glove

Each glove is lined with a durable foam rubber and other shock absorbing materials. The finger slots provide better stability to resist punches and kicks.

Aerobic Box Glove Aerobic Box Glove

Made from washable synthetic leather and cotton padding. Slip-on style with comfortable grip bar. Ventilation opening at palm. Attached thumb. Velcro strap closing. 10oz..

Lycra-Type Glove Lycra-Type Glove

Hi-flex elasticized fabric back. Padded palm. Velcro wrist closure.

Weapons Glove Weapons Glove

Improves grip and reduces abrasions while using weapons. Soft leather with breathable spandex on back. Extra padding where direct contact is made with hand (three spots). 3/4 length on all fingers. Pull

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