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Century Wooden Kama Century Wooden Kama

Made of select hardwood. 7 inch blade, 17-1/2 inch handle.

Traditional Aluminum Kama Traditional Aluminum Kama

Lightweight. Riveted blade provides strength and durability. Rigid handles for a secure grip. Durable metallic finish prevents chipping and cracking.

Wood Bladed Kama Wood Bladed Kama

Constructed entirely of quality natural hardwood. Great for training. 18" handles and 5-1/4" blades. Each kama weighs 12oz..

Competition Kama Competition Kama

Ash handles are planed on one side to indicate blade direction during spins. Leather wrist slings for a better hold. Rust resistant, stainless steel blade with 5 bored holes. Blade can be sharpened.

Kubudo Stand Kubudo Stand

Display stand for Sai or Kama. Made of hardwood. Black finish.

Deluxe Kama Case Deluxe Kama Case

Made of a black imitation leather. 14" long. Includes an adjustable shoulder strap for easier carrying. Zipper closure.

Competition Kama Competition Kama

10 inch long wood handles. 7 inch polished, vented steel blades.

Canadian Ash Competition Kama Canadian Ash Competition Kama

Handles are exquisitely crafted from Canadian ash and are finished to bring out the true beauty of the wood. Blades are steel and are vented.

Steel Kama Steel Kama

Crafter after an authentic kama. Wrist slings. Can be sharpened. 15 inch handle, 8 inch blade.

PVC Competition Kama PVC Competition Kama

Both handle and blade are made of PVC (plastic). Blade flexes but doesn't break, making these kamas safer and longer lasting. Attached string is the same color as the blade. Lighter than most kamas but still has a very solid feel

Deluxe Jagged Kama Deluxe Jagged Kama

Handles are constructed from beautifully finished, superior hardwood. Blades are constructed of unsharpened aluminum alloy. 11 inch handles and 7 inch blades. Each kama weighs 6oz.

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