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Single Leather Focus Target Single Leather Focus Target

Genuine leather target with rubber frame and polyethylene soft foam padding. Supple, durable leather, ensures a long life. Elastic wrist band reduces the possibility of fly aways.

Focus Target Focus Target

Foam rubber frame and polyethylene soft foam padding covered with vinylCreates a loud clap on contact. Rigid plastic insert sandwiched between layers of dense foam covered with vinyl. Contoured handle.

Deluxe Square Hand Target Deluxe Square Hand Target

Leather grained vinyl cover with flex-foam padding. Adjustable, heavy-duty strapping system with fingerloop feature allows for a superior hold.

Boxing Target Mitts Boxing Target Mitts

Genuine leather shell with dense foam core. Glove stitched on back of target with hook/loop closure over wrist. 7 1/2" at widest point x 11 1/4" x 2" thick

Competitor Self-Mounting Target Competitor Self-Mounting Target

Two suction cups at the end enable the target to stick to most smooth surfaces or you can use the included mounting board. Target also includes finger slots on the handle which also allows for easy hand-held use. Comes fully assembled

Oval Target Oval Target

Oversized hand held target, made of thick durable foam covered in smooth and tear-resistant 18 oz. black vinyl. Three web-strap handles, one with a clear PVC handle allows the target to hold easily and scurely on your forearm.

Single Vinyl Focus Target Single Vinyl Focus Target

Constructed of a foam rubber frame and polyethylene soft foam padding, covered with viny. Contoured handle with elastic wrist strap helps keep this target in your hand. 18 inch long, overall.

Throwing Star Target Board Throwing Star Target Board

Complete w/ metal rim. 15" diameter x 1" thick.

Mini Target Mini Target

Adjustable heavy-duty strapping system with finger loop feature. Tough 18 oz. rip-stop vinyl coated nylon. 10 inch x 9 inch x 3 1/2 inch.

Everhide Punching Mitts Everhide Punching Mitts

Used as a moving target for aerobic activity. Everhide construction.

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