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Japanese Taichi Sword Japanese Taichi Sword

The Tachi, dating back hundreds of years, was the first sword to feature a long curved blade. Now they have become a symbol of status due to the beauty of their decorative sheaths and their elaborate ornamentation.

Deluxe Colored Dragon Samurai Sword w/ Mini-Tanto Deluxe Colored Dragon Samurai Sword w/ Mini-Tanto

Finely detailed, gold plated handguard, pommel and end-cap. 444 stainless steel blade. Simulated ivory handle. Marble finish aluminum scabbard which also houses a mini tanto!. Comes sharpened. 12 inch handle; 2-3/4 inch wid

Aluminum Alloy Samurai Swords Aluminum Alloy Samurai Swords

Black sword guard Picturesque black lacquered scabbard with belting cords Cloth case included A great tool for younger students

7 Sword Wall Mounted Sword Display 7 Sword Wall Mounted Sword Display

Black lacquered wood; holds 7 swords. Includes mounting hardware.

Mini Samurai Sword Set Mini Samurai Sword Set

Unique dragon design on scabbard. Etched die-cast iron blade. Mini shoto sword: 15" long with a 5" handle and 9" blade. Mini daito: 18" with a 5" handle and a 12" blade. Blades cannot be sharpened. Made in Japan.

Wood Tai Chi Sword Wood Tai Chi Sword

Exquisitely hand carved guards accentuate this wooden sword. Crafted of finished walnut wood (sanded and lacquered).

Hardwood Samurai Sword Hardwood Samurai Sword

Beautifully crafted to resemble real samurai sword 2 piece handguard included

Chrysanthemum Sword Chrysanthemum Sword

smooth, natural wood sheath beautifully hand-painted with pink and green chrysanthemums. Eye catching true-wave frosted blade. Sword handle and sheath are tightly wrapped with a black woven cord. Shoto = 28 inch, Daito = 40 inch.

Bamboo Shirasaya Samurai Sword Bamboo Shirasaya Samurai Sword

During a period in medieval Japan, the samurai sword was banned. The samurai defied this edict and hid their cherished sword in what appeared to be a walking stick.This is a beautifull replica, appearing to be a harmless bamboo shaft, but hiding an impres

Deluxe Engraved Samurai Sword Deluxe Engraved Samurai Sword

Swords feature a hidden knife. Imported from Spain.

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