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Dragon Head #440 Stainless Steel Samurai Sword Dragon Head #440 Stainless Steel Samurai Sword

Combines an intricately carved faux-ivory and a tempered 440 stainless steel to create a master reproduction The highly detailed handle is highlighted with a shiny ruby-red inset and a stylized head of a dragon Wave frosted blade

Sword Cleaning Kit Sword Cleaning Kit

A boxes set of traditional Samurai sword cleaning formula and instruments.

Chinese Kwan Da Sword Chinese Kwan Da Sword

440 stainless steel blade with etched design. Gold flecked handle gives the sword its unique appearance. Available in two lengths to best accommodate your training or display preferences.

Double Sword Stand Double Sword Stand

Elegant black lacquered wood stand. Holds two swords.

Single Sword Stand (Chintachi) Single Sword Stand (Chintachi)

Black, lacquered wooden display stand, display a single sword. 24-1/4 inch high x 11-1/4 inch deep x 7-1/4 inch wide.

Collapsible Tai Chi Sword Collapsible Tai Chi Sword

Steel. 37 inch extended, collapses to to 10 1/4 inch. Zipper case included.

Wooden Kung Fu Sword Wooden Kung Fu Sword

A beautifully crafted wood replica of the Kung Fu Sword. Finished walnut wood, sanded and lacquered.

Rubber Foam Practice Sword Rubber Foam Practice Sword

Foam padding over wood center Attached handguard Diato: 40" long Shoto: 22" long

Iai-To Samurai Sword Iai-To Samurai Sword

The handle and sheath are made from the same piece of natural wood, giving the sword the appearance of a solid piece when joined. Remove the sheath and a beautiful sword is now in your hands.

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